Onelife exists to inspire, equip and connect Christ followers in their journey of integrating work and faith. As a multi-church collaboration in Cape Town, South Africa, Onelife aims at serving and strengthening churches across the city.

Most of our lives is spent at work, yet we sometimes compartmentalize our faith to a few hours on a Sunday. God calls Christ-followers to integrate their faith and our work. And it is amazing how much more meaningful life becomes when we do that, not to mention the remarkable impact this has on our whole approach to work. Onelife exists to help people integrate work and faith.

We bring people from similar sectors together to collaborate and share their journeys of integrating faith and work. Here are the five questions we’re challenging every person in every work arena to answer …

How can we collaborate to:

1. Bring the message of Jesus to our peers?
2. Bring down the social giants in our City?
3. Change the culture of our industries for the common good?
4. Become more excellent at what we do, for God’s glory?
5. Strengthen the church in our City?

These questions encapsulate God’s challenge to every one of us working ‘full-time’ for God in the marketplace. Wherever our main area of influence is, that is where we need to be most strategic about counting for God and working for the common good.